Combining with other credit unions may be a good move but the process is complicated and can be fraught with difficulties. CU Counsel, PLLC can help guide clients through the process to maximize the outcome and minimize potential problems.

Corporate governance

Ensuring corporate issues are well managed to facilitate operations is critical for every credit union and credit union organization. CU COUNSEL, PLLC can provide clients with comprehensive guidance and assistance on CUSOs, chartering, bylaws, board planning and structure, voting issues, and remedial approaches when problems arise.

Litigation consulting

The attorneys at CU Counsel, PLLC have been involved in a number of significant legal challenges affecting credit unions and the credit union system. CU Counsel, PLLC can help credit unions and their retained counsel, should the need arise, as they assess litigation options and legal remedies.

Regulatory & legislative advocacy

Regulatory relief has never been more important for credit unions. Whether it is advocating to minimize current or prospective regulations, compliance burdens, supervisory matters, payments issues, accounting directives or other concerns regarding agencies or Congress on an individual credit union's behalf, working with groups of credit unions or credit union organizations, CU COUNSEL, PLLC can provide relentless, focused, and unparalleled expertise and results. The firm's experts welcome opportunities to speak to credit union groups and audiences of all sizes and write on the latest regulatory and legislative developments.

Compliance concerns & audits

No credit union wants to face compliance sanctions. Yet the list of compliance requirements is longer than ever and growing. CU Counsel, PLLC will work with clients to reduce compliance jargon to manageable terms, ensure clients are fully aware of all the latest requirements, assist clients in addressing compliance issues, and help to tailor compliance programs to indivual needs. CU Counsel, PLLC is able to perform broad compliance audits as well as address compliance questions relating to laws and regulations affecting credit unions.

Supervisory & examination issues

Regulatory requirements are only half of the compliance equation for credit unions as meeting the expectations of the examiner is also critical. CU Counsel PLLC will help credit unions sort through examination and supervisory problems to pursue a positive outcome. CU Counsel, PLLC attorneys have extensive experience with the supervisory and appeals process on behalf of credit unions.